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May 28, 2009: (Provided by Bonsai Diving) First underwater photos from the USS Vandenberg, one including sea life already on the wreck. These may have been taken prematurely as the wreck was not actually open for diving.

This one appears to be where one of the radar dishes broke off.

May 27 2009 -


May 13 2009 - - A few more holes cut into the aft section of the ship, and more supplies brought onboard. Some O2 tanks noticed on several decks:

Ramp for workers, and vendor signage.

O2 tanks on deck

Update: May 6, 2009 , - The Vandenberg is in Key West, tied up at the Truman Waterfront. Final preparatons are underway, for sinking in the next 30 days. The following photos were taken on May 6th, 2009. Check back for additional updated photos over the next 2 weeks.

Radar dishes reconfigured to orient horizontally.

No holes appear to have been cut aft.

Chain and anchors, presumably for securing wreck to ocean floor.

Anchors and chain.

Job site entrance and check in.

Aft dish.

Bridge and forward section.


Dish and upper section relief.

Front view.


Tower section, which should be the closest point to the surface.

Holes cut in hull for even water entry.

Closeup of holes.

Midship holes.