uss vandenberg
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GPS numbers for proposed sink location - 24° 27' N 81° 44' W

The USS Vandenberg has become the best artificial reef dive site for recreational divers worldwide. Warm water almost year-round, tropical conditions, and the vacation/resort atmosphere of Key West combine to make the Vandenberg a most desirable destination.

uss vandenberg

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"Thanks for the great coverage of the Vandenberg and it's final fate. These tracking ships were such an important part of our civilian space program, especially since the 1960's pre-lunar landing phase. When I was working for years on long term trips at the Cape as a shuttle orbiter engineer I used to drive in through the Canaveral Air Force Station gate and pass the Vandenberg moored there. Having a background in spacecraft tracking facilities the differences between earth-bound and ocean-going systems intrigued me. Thanks again for spotlighting the Vandenberg, may she rest in peace with her new duties.... Regards, B. P. Telemetry Eng."


The USS Vandenberg is now officially open for public diving. Contact the charter operators at the left for details, or see the Charter Schedule page for specific dive shcedules.

Click to view video of the sinking, provided by the Monroe County Tourism Council.

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